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Research in Computer Science

CS681/CS695/EE881/EE895 Thesis and Dissertation Research in Computer Science with Dr. Chang Liu and Weekly VITAL Lab Research Meetings

2012 Spring Quarter
2012 Winter Quarter
2011 Spring & Fall Quarters

Do’s or Don’ts During a Presentation


1. Start a presentation with background introduction and present in a story-telling style. Keep in mind that the audience may not be familiar with the context.

2. List URLs of relevant videos and website in the PPT.

3. Make eye contact with the audience.


1. Do not always stare at the screen.

2. Avoid pointing to the general direction of the screen (but not referring to any particular items in the display) frequently.

Document sharing

Note: Share the Google Docs documents to “”. Since the links will be posted here, uncheck the check box that says “send notification email to members”.

Writing assistance