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Behavioral Migraine Management for iPad

Behavioral Migraine Management (BMM) on iPad

This project is a collaboration between Dr. Chang Liu’s VITAL Lab and Dr. Ken Holroyd’s Headache Treatment & Research Lab. Qing Zhu, a VITAL Lab PhD student, is the lead developer on this project.

  • The iPad BMM app helps migraine patients learn the skills of migraine management from clinically-proven behavioral migraine management materials in the form of text, images, audio and videos.
  • The BMM app enables migraine patients to update a headache diary and worksheets anytime, anywhere so that it’s easier for therapists and patients to identify headache patterns.
  • The app also helps patients stay in contact with their therapists via email and other communication means.


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  • Chang Liu, Kenneth A Holroyd, Qing Zhu, Kaiyu Shen, and Wenqi Zhou, “Design and Implementation of a Behavioral Migraine Management iPhone App for Adolescents with Migraine,” Second IEEE Workshop on Interdisciplinary Research on E-health Services and Systems (IREHSS 2010), June 14, 2010, Montreal, QC, Canada.


May 13, 2011  BMM by Qing Zhu et al. won the first place prize for the EECS Session 3 at the Ohio University 2011 Student Expo. (link>>)


An earlier version of the BMM App for iPhone/iPod Touch was developed as a student class project.