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More lesson plans…

1. The 5E Lesson Plan_Document

This document follows the 5-E format (Engage, Explore, Explain, Expand/Elaboration, and Evaluate). It contains all instructions that the teacher would need to follow and what steps each student will perform during the lesson. This particular lesson plan provides students with an oppurtunity to practice calculating water quality index (WQI).

2. Powerpoint Presentation on WQI

The powerpoint provides students with an introduction to the water quality index (WQI). It shows students how to calculate WQI and the parameters that are used to calculate WQI. It also provides some real world events that help students understand the importance of protecting our waterways.

3. Data Collection Sheet for Virtual Boat Excursion


4. How to Calculate WQI


Additional Documents (optional):

1.Georeferenced Map (decimal degrees)


2. Data Collection Sheet for Virtual Boat Excursion (includes place for students to record GPS coordinates)