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CS690 3D Software Applications

Winter Quarter 2011, by Dr. Chang Liu

This course covers three-dimensional software applications, including software applications with 3D user interface; software applications deployed in 3D virtual worlds; and software applications that manipulate 3D objects. The focus is on design and development principles of such applications, particularly in areas of user interface design and usability evaluation. Three-dimensional software applications in different domains, including training aids, simulation tools, and medical equipments, are examined.

Sertac Ozercan (using augmented reality in designing and developing educational simulations)

Khaled JaberĀ (3D Visualization of Software Metrics)

Ying Zhong (application of 3D virtual world technologies in virtual laboratories)

Qing Zhu (3D Visualization on mobile devices)

Nathan Andre (Exploring 3D Browsers as an Alternative Method for Web Navigation)

Mike Cleaver (3D Game Engines for Use in Virtual Reality Systems)

Xin Ye (Application of Internet-based Virtual Reality Technology in Interactive Learning)

Wenqi Zhou (3D Apps on iPhone and other mobile devices)

Huihui Xu (3D visualization in Medical)

Shui Sheng (3D applications on mobile devices)